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Notes on using CodeCogs Equation Editor

In this article, I’ve provided some tips on how to use CodeCogs Equation Editor. In particular, I discussed which file format to use, and how to adjust font size and resolution.

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This is not Codecogs logo. This is my own creation using a public domain gear clipart on which an integral sign is imposed. It's only use is to serve as icon for this article

Writing equations for your website

As the web becomes one of the fundamental resources for learning, science and math teachers are facing the challenge of producing equations for the web in the manner similar to those found in printed textbook. HTML formatting cannot reproduce all possible equations so teachers and instructional designers who maintain science and math websites must come-up with a way to produce them. One is by producing a linear string of text that looks like an instruction to a programming language. The other is by using images, which can produce the more familiar way of writing equations as seen in books and in the classroom.

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writing equations for website

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