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The iTitser is an online journal about the efficient use of free and open source software (FOSS) programs and the Internet in educating our youth.

The author and webmaster of this website is yours truly, Greten Vicke S. Estella. I have more than five years professional experience in education sector in developing courseware materials and e-learning modules. I recently took interest in FOSS programs as many of them are not just free but also very useful in providing instructions. Thus, I decided to write about the different ways you can use FOSS as well as the Internet to conduct better lessons.

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Using LibreOffice/OpenOffice Impress in education

Slide presentation software, such as OpenOffice/LibreOffice Impress, is becoming very popular and useful in education whether in aid of traditional lecture method or as stand-alone learning module. Here, I presented tips on how your can make better presentation for your class.

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Using LibreOffice Impress slide presentation software in classroom

Compromising FOSS with future job requirements

Using FOSS will not make students less competitive in a job market where it seems employers prefer those who know how to use proprietary software, but you can have a middle ground wherein you can use FOSS in computer literacy classes and the students can still claim they know how to use some of these commercial software programs.

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Graduation cap between an open document format resume and an MS document resume

What is a freeware?

Freewares are software programs that are obtained for free or $0 but do not come with source code. The restriction of the licenses may vary from ones similar to FOSS up to ones very similar to proprietary software programs.

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Chinese coin with floppy disk in the square hole at the center.

Protect your school from BSA raids

Use FOSS and have a peace of mind as your school becomes free from disruptive BSA raids and other technology-related legal problems.

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FOSS using schools can have their peace of mind while BSA ship is chasing software pirates

Why use FOSS in schools?

There will be several benefits for schools to start adopting free and open-source software programs in their computer laboratories and in their curriculum. They cost less, they are more secured, and software raids of law enforcers and lawsuits are unlikely to come to your school gates.

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penguin, wildebeast, and fox, associated with Linux, GNU, and Mozilla, are drawn on a chalk board

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